to be continued~ ^^,

Friday, September 10, 2004

i cant think of anything decent to say...

fuuu... damn... i'm bloody bored... so i engaged myself in answering as much theotaku.com quizzes as possible... and to keep my connection active i parked my nick in an anime chat room at first... but it didnt work out... so... i switched to yaoi tavern instead...

i came to the room to find a distraught Angel letting open the floodgates of his heart... turns out he's this beautiful gay guy... who chooses to dress up like a girl and passes as one most of the time... and since he does pass as a girl... people take advantage of him... hurt him and throw him away after using him... it's sad really... angel is really really really beautiful...

when i get caught up in the pain of others... i forget mine...

... all that made me miss ten-chan all the more... even if we are conversing right now... :)


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