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Wednesday, January 05, 2005


... i have not been getting decent hours of sleep recently... no matter how early or how late i sleep... i always wake up after the 4th hour of my rest... what the hell is wrong with me?

anyway... yesterday morning my mom had me book her roundtrip tickets *mla-bcd, bcd-mla*. i tried the online reservation thing... it was pretty fun... PAL's online booking system is simple and direct enough that even a person going on their first flight and is not familiar with any airline jargon can accomplish this task.

it would seem that everything is in cruise control when i hit the last step in booking the damned flight... it asked for my credit card number... i dont have a bloody credit card... mommy doesnt have one either... so i resorted to calling the office number... the site has a list of their ticket offices and their particulars... i called the one in manila... who's office hours are from 0300 till 2200... it was 8:00 am and surprise surprise... no one was there to pick up...

sooo... i went to the directory and looked for another number... i ended up calling PAL's 24 booking and custumer service hotline mehmeh... and this very preppy lady takes my call... i wince at the recollection of all the prep and sugar and happiness in her voice... *rolls eyes* i had to summon all the strength that i had to stop myself from telling her to keep the preppiness down by 10 notches... i mean... it was 8:30 in the morning!


but despite all that she got the work done and she was... nice... *shakes head*




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