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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

resolutions... or something like it

life is a bitch. i know this. but there are times, people and things that just shoots you just above the kneecap and causes you to kiss the floor in a very uncool manner.

so i made a decision.

for the time being, i've decided to survive when i can't bring myself to live.

kuya gino said that everything else other than living is just downright sucky. however, i figured this route is a better choice compared to the ragged and worn down avenue of SI.

i haven't really worked out the system yet. when i think about it, SI seems easier than the whole surviving thing. albeit it screams EMO. stupid emo fuckers. grrr... they make people like me who are clinically depressed, mentally unstable, needs anger management and are on medication look like dark make-up caking, whimpering, woe-is-me invertibrates who think the bloody spoon on the table is out to get our ass.


[so there. please do not bundle me with those people.]

where was i? oh yeah... i'll smile even though i don't have a reason to. i'll laugh even when my insides feel like one big ulcer. i'll be even more apathetic and nonchalant when pushed in a corner. i'll even make an effort to seem like i give a fuck about the itty-bitty details that i usually brush off and don't give a rat's ass about.

in a nutshell, another mask. a weirder one but it's more socially pleasing, yes?

i wonder who/which has the longer shelf-life. me or the mask?

jebus... that's so bitter, ampalaya would taste sweeter. *shrug* oh well~

no song for this entry.
not even a lyric.
i think i have a word though
totally unrelated to what's above...
however, i'm not sure if it's the right one.
but it is at the back of my mind.

drumroll please...



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