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Sunday, November 23, 2008

friendster nga naman..

although, i think it'll be more politically correct to say, "ang mga taong nagamit ng friendster nga naman."


i received a personal message from some bloke named "wardz". [god forbid i misspell his name and use an S.] i don't know him but apparently, my friendster profile does.

his message is as follows:

Date: 11/21/2008 12:54 pm
Subject: greetings
Message: hi jem how r u? can we be a good friends i like the way you mke your posing can you consider me your friend? please let me have your cp no. pleae

amazing feat of composition! incredible piece of literature! what impeccable spelling!


if you were the recipient of such a message, would you be flattered or upset. me? i'm leaning towards upset and disbelief. i mean, he wants to befriend me because he likes how i pose.

uhm.. i think that's what he said.


allow me to end this shudder-inducing moment with a quote:

"I'd rather be assimilated by the borg. but the borg i like!"
~nance of nance, lexy and argus


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