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Thursday, November 06, 2008



help! i need an editor! I've been getting into writing short stories using talecraft. granted, I've only written two and the later is still incomplete. but i need an editor~

i need someone to relentlessly go over my short stories and help me make it better. someone who can tell me as it is, specially if what i've come up with is sheer bullcrap!

anyone interested?

oh and uh... you'll have my eternal gratitude for your service.. hehe... cut me some slack. :P i don't have the money to give away.

as soon as i think the ones I've written are worthy of being read by the public, I'll put them up on here. when i do, please feel free to criticize and correct me.

:D i actually welcome corrections, criticisms and violent reactions. why? because they're great opportunities to improve!

I'd rather be corrected than be ignorant.


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