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Sunday, October 19, 2008


i think i'm going crazy...

erk. alright. it's nothing new but this is a whole new type of crazy for me.

ever since yesterday's taytay trip i've been wanting to go to places where there's grass and trees and cats littered about.

it just feels strange not being able to feel small next to a tree that's taller than sct's buildings. being surrounded by houses, cars and streets glowing bright with the sun's glare feels a bit cold.

don't get me wrong, i love being in the city. i like the convenience and the technology i get to enjoy here in manila but all of that is not enough to quell the want i'm feeling to be face to face with nature.

as i write this entry, i'm starting to realize why i had so much fun taking pictures of the trees and shrubbery of siena college taytay. even if the sun was hot and a tad uncomfortable, even if it was humid and dry... i enjoyed being surrounded by life.

sure, the city's bustling with it too. manila is practicaly humming with life. but it's not the same feeling i got while i was looking for things to take pictures of.

it's not the same probably because the quality of life is different. the trees over at sct were old, tall, persistent and warm. they give off a sense of comfort and ease that no pharmaceutical can reproduce.

it was also humbling, being reminded that my exitence is practically non-existent next to the rest of the universe. it was also fulfilling to realize that i am that small, that my life is quite short.

to know all of that is not depressing at all. if anything, standing in the middle of the grounds, surrounded by towering trees, the gentle grass, the quiet shrubs and the warm stones, made me feel like i belong.

that i am a part of this world despite what a handful of people may think, say or feel.

^^ nakakatuwa.

i wonder if there are any places in the metro that has lots of trees, grass, earth and sun. i wonder if i can take get there and be allowed to take memories with arc so i'll never forget that i am part of a bigger picture... that we all make up a little piece of it.


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