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Thursday, September 25, 2008

hungry cranium

hmm... well, TRL layout is almost done. got the 1st draft/page proof a couple of hours ago and i have penciled my corrections and i have updated the indd file that caused me much grief, stress, brain damaged, random words to dribble out my mouth and a heck of a lot of time i could've spent... well doing somethin else entirely.


i dragged my worn out butt to the mall yesterday after i left the layout cd for the printer people to pick up and made a beeline for a bookstore. i didn't really plan on staying that long at fully booked. truth? i was only supposed ta get me a highlighter so i can memorize my lines for Alaric's Lady (another story, another post, another time). but being the literary nutcase that i am, i ditched the scented and cute highlighter thingies and checked out books.

funny, how the Filipiniana section of PowerBooks and FullyBooked are situated at the very back of the store where not a lot of people frequent. curiosity won over annoyance and i picked up some local stuff.

i left the store an hour (or so) later with these in a nifty widdle plastic bag

so yeah, that'll be Jay (Jeremiah) Panti's kikiam experience books.. and David Hontiveros' Craving... hmmm... kikiam and craving... am i craving kikiam? :P

the kikiam experience i've already finished. very funny. but i enjoyed what Jay wrote the most. yes yes abby. book 1 and 2 are heading your way tom. :D enjoy...

am really looking forward to craving. i have no idea what it's about and it's still wrapped in a seran wrap type of plastic cover thing... it won't be long till i rip it off and bury my nose between the pages. yeyyeah~

the moral of my trip to FullyBooked?

books written by local authors are cheap. they are there. i can't really say you should buy and read all of them but i think it's only right to give our local writters/authors a chance...

so far, Jay Panti's The Kikiam Experience is worth the 85 pesos you shell out per spine. it's funny as plumber butt cracks. but there's a widdle bit of a prerequisite in enjoying his books... ya gotta have a relatively working brain to get the funny. an IQ above 50 should do.

but if you still don't get it... well... shit. too bad. really really really effing sad. trade your soul for a working brain. you've been had, my friend!

will come back to write about the 2nd and 3rd installment of the kikiam experience when i'm done.. and i will most definitely review craving as well..

on another BOOK note. Aldrich Limlengco is using my copy of Orosa-Nakpil Malate for their book report.


give it back to me in one piece!

so guys, TV may be more interesting at times and it is a very easy way to get entertained and preoccupied but your brains won't go on strike if you picked up a book and read it cover to cover. PROMISE! :D hell, your brain just might thank you.

read. people. read.


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