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Monday, September 22, 2008

twentieth of september 2008

the looking glass

behind the looking glass
a lonely place
cold and unfeeling
but forever safe

words, hurting and meaning well,
emotions, moving, punishing
are but visions, fleeting

before the looking glass
a million and seven steps
jagged and thorned
beaten by the eternal sun

one foot in front the other
no time to relent
run when in pain
look up when lost

for the looking glass
though remote and small
will take away everything
in exchange for peace

that is absolute in its silence



just when they were about to close in
never gentle, meaning to crush
swallow in the most painful way
it lets you go just.like.that.

the walls crumble
bricks hurrying, tumbling on top the other
the solitary darkness fades
drowning in a wave of light

the cage is no more
but freedom is unwanted
sound.. noise rush in

longing for the prison
that was not
it was empty and dark
but it was safe

now vulnerable, stationary
surrounded, bombarded, in fear
hurry, quickly
bring back the shroud

sinners aren't allowed reprieve
not for the tiniest of seconds
the night forsakes
desperate, scared, alone

red, crimson, scarlet
unable to comfort
but it is warm and thick
sluggish in its beauty

guilty, never forgiven
emotions mean nothing
but debts need to be paid
in stained, loathing blood

questions give birth
to unsound resolutions
remain unmoving, unfeeling
no need, just bleed.

the looking glass & judgment
dabble doodles by



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