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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

freaking peeve-d

look man, i don't know what your problem is. maybe all that power got to your head. after all, you're an officer and a staffer, teachers rely on you at times and you're trusted to do some work as well. or maybe having a girl who dotes on you, picks up after you and coddles your every whim is making your already gargantuan head expand to a size that will rival that of a flipping galaxy.

frankly, i don't give a shit if you get your kicks that way or either way or any other way.

can't you be professional at the very least?

what would it cost you to reply to a text message concerning OUR project. OUR midterm grade?!

my mistake in all of this is that i trusted you.
i should've just done my own shit.

thanks for loosing my notes.

SEND ME THE FUCKING PSD FILE ALREADY and i'll stop nagging you for the damned thing.

ikaw na nga ang tinatawagan, ayaw pang sagutin. three times i called. three times you rejected my call. feeling importante? or maybe you just aren't MAN enough to own up to your shortcomings?


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