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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

i think i like november :D

the only problem is figuring out which events to attend and with who.

here's a quick rundown of the anime/game/manga-related events i heard of for this month
  1. AME 8th Avenue (November 8) - an event by the Anime Manga Enthusiasts. they'll be stalls and bands and it wouldn't be a Con without a cosplay competition :P
  2. November Open Gaming Meet (November 8) - board gamers unite! haha. monopoly and scrabble are for the weak of heart. OGM for this month has an awesome lineup and people will be playing games i haven't even heard of! entrance is Php 50!!
  3. KOMIKON 2008 (November 22) - another event i'm looking forward to. it's actually going to be a week-long thing. activities humming from the 17th to the 21st. the con proper will be on the 22nd. i'm not really sure what they have in mind but i think there will be games, anime, manga and cosplayers about!
hmm.. i'm torn about november 8. both the OGM and AME events are something i haven't experienced yet and i really really really, did i say really want to see both.

ah, decisions, decisions.


we'll just see i guess. :P

i hope they'll be more interesting events and i wish i can attend them all. hahaha

dude, i really am a gerd.



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