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Sunday, November 16, 2008

it's a dog-eat-dog world

say otherwise and I'll take you to my shrink and pay for the session as well.

everyone is supposed to suck everything up and just roll with whatever life throws at you. but what if instead of rocks and harsh words, life decides to challenge you with insufferably annoying unprofessional petty people?

would you lie on your back and allow yourself to be washed away by the tide? would you detach yourself and just watch?

if you asked me two years ago, i would've said, cower into a corner, pretend it was all a bad dream. ha ha ha. and the awesome bit is that, back then, i did do just that. but time, people, experiences and words have changed me.

now, the very people that backed me to a corner are driving me to be excellent, to be the better editor-in-chief, council president and mass comm student. i guess I've had enough of hearing them talk smack and gloat, of seeing their smug and conniving faces, of letting them get away with the crap they're so bloody fond of leaving around.

this is it folks, Jemimah Bela Torrefiel is now competitive.

I'm not confident. but i sure as hell will work hard and do everything within the grounds of FAIR PLAY, a concept that is probably not that easy to digest for some people, to deliver the best possible work i will ever do.

so thank you!

and do look forward to the end of the sem.


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