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Monday, March 15, 2004

finished watching D.N.Angel... this really sweet anime is about this guy named Daisuke who turns into Dark, the great phantom theif/angel guy who is being sought after by Satoshi who has Dark's other self inside his body. Satoshi's anti-dark inhabitant is named Krag.

i'm not going to spoil things for you and tell you the whole plot...

as far as i'm concerned the anime is one of those "watch this anime if you're bored and would like an anime that has a semi non-conventional plot".

anyway... i want to show of this cute little thing i got from researching for DNAngel stuff on the net...

You're Satoshi!
brought to you by Quizilla

:P Daisuke is cute and all but this result is not so bad really... :)

hmmm... oh yes...

the opening song for DNAngel is also something one should NOT ignore... it's really... let's see... how about you decide ne?

it's entitled "Byakuya ~True Light~" or White Night ~True Light~ in english...

here's the lyrics in ROMAJI

kanashii hodo hikari dashita
shiroi yami kirisaku tsubasa ni nare

tsumetai taiyou ni terasare teta
kainara sareta jiyuu ga atta
kagami ni utsutta kiseki no yoru
MASUKU(1) o hazushi hajime ta My Soul

kuzure te yuku abe no mukou wa
zetsubou mo kibou mo onaji kao suru
mita sare nai kokoro aru nara
tobi tateru shuumatsu no PUROROOGU e

yaiba no you na kaze fuku sekai
mamoru beki mono wa nan nano ka?
hitotsu hitotsu itami o shiru tabi
hontou no jibun e to chikazuku

kie yuku Fake Light
umare yuku True Light
kono te ni...

shiroku somaru yami tsuki nukete
atarashii jidai o kizami tsuzukero
toki wa nashita kokoro no mama ni
hateshi naku tsuzui teku byaku ya o tobe

and here's the lyrics in English!

a sad light shone
turning into wings that cuts the white darkness

shone upon by the cold sun
I had some limited freedom
the miraculous night cast by the mirror
started to remove my mask, my soul

on the other side of the collapsing wall
despair and hope looks the same
if there's a heart that's yet to be seen
lets head to the end of the prologue

in the world where the wind blows like a blade
what is it I should protect?
in a journey where I know one painful thing after another
I get closer to the true me

the fake light is disappearing
the true light is born
in these hands...

pierce through the night dyed in white
keep on creating a new era
create time with your heart
fly through the eternal white night

i like the lyrics... it suits the anime so well... plus i like the message it brings... life is full of despair and one may never distinguish hope from the pains of life... but then again... we should always go against the call to fall... the song didn't state any reason for that... just the advice to "fly through the eternal white night"... that's because the reason should come from one's self... a soldier should fight because in his heart he has wishes that should be fulfilled by his going into battle... not just because his superiors told him to...

well i think that's a pretty long post...

but before i go allow me to run down on the "DISCLAIMERS"

D.N.Angel is not mine...
so is the song that you see here in this entry...
and the lyrics i got from animelyrics.
the link to the webpage of the song is right above so if you need more lyrics on DNAngel or any anime for that matter just click away...

thank you BLOGGER for the netspace!!!


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