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Thursday, February 26, 2004

i'm currently in a conversation with this guy who has the nick daft-bat...

i picked him up at this irc channel... :) he was nice and answered my question nicely... and that's when the conversation started...

recalling, i cant really remember how the train of thought went but we talked about stuff that made sense...

he told me that he's with this girl right now who isnt exactly... umm... let's just say she doesnt have a good reputation... that she lies to him a lot and he knows it... it's not a secret to his friends and they constantly ask him why he keeps his relationship with that girl...

here's a bit of our conversation:

[07:47] DaFT-BaT: and i do think i understand her somewhat so i'm willing to give her the benefit of my doubt
[07:47] scarlet_bliss: good for her
[07:47] scarlet_bliss: :)
[07:47] DaFT-BaT: or wait...
[07:47] DaFT-BaT: until i get the truth finally :)
[07:48] scarlet_bliss: that's good for you
[07:49] DaFT-BaT: we'll see about that... this may be the stupidest thing i've ever done.. and i have a lot to top :)
[07:49] scarlet_bliss: you also have alot to back you up
[07:49] scarlet_bliss: keep it cool
[07:49] scarlet_bliss: intact and real
[07:49] scarlet_bliss: :)
[07:49] scarlet_bliss: that's about the best thing my mind can share with ya
[07:49] scarlet_bliss: :)
[07:49] DaFT-BaT: that's the problem with irc though..
[07:49] scarlet_bliss: ?
[07:50] DaFT-BaT: so much is not real... hard always to tell which is and which is not
[07:50] scarlet_bliss: but life is also like that isnt it?
[07:50] scarlet_bliss: there are so many lies and half truths out there
[07:50] scarlet_bliss: and people sometimes prefer the lies over the truths
[07:51] scarlet_bliss: that's why there are so many lies
[07:51] DaFT-BaT: which is exactly the point i do make to others here
[07:51] scarlet_bliss: :)

interesting conversation isnt it?


i guess i'll cut myself off now...

thanks for the net space!!!



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