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Thursday, March 18, 2004

it turns out the post i made yesterday wasnt exactly put up here... my pc froze up yesterday while i was clicking on the post and publish button... oh well...

came across this guy in irc... he asked if he could have my number... told him he cant so i just asked him to give his number instead... once on the phone i found out that i'm not liking him... i was still online and was talking to him on the other phone... then he asked me if i have a boyfriend... told him i dont... and the next thing i knew he was asking me if it's alright for me to be his baby...

so i told him no... why? because for one thing i know squat about him and vise versa, i know i didnt like him then and lastly it wasnt exactly practical and wise for me to just agree with him... he said he would court me after i agree to become his girl... HOW CRAPPY IS THAT??? he kept on asking me to give him a chance... i was like, chances are somewhat easy to give... but i dont give chances the way you want them...

i'm not a big person of conventional courtships and relationships... but i am a big person of get to know that person first before anything else!!!


gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! why am i always given these kinds of ... stuff?!?!?

who am i to talk? i get to experience worse things and i whine about this guy?

got to get my brain checked again... there's probably a tumor or two in there...

oh well...

thanks for the net space BLOGGER!!!



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