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Monday, September 13, 2004

had a good afternoon... i finished watching the anime ten-chan gave me... :P he bought the yami no matsue anime dvd collection for me... even though he's not really that interested with yaoi-ish series!

fuuu... my lacuna coil best collection cd is with him... :P he also bought it for me... i had him slap it in his car audio system so he could listen to it... *melts* HE SHITTING LIKED IT!!!

oh god i cant believe i'm still high from all that sugar that he had me eat yesterday... let me see... we had lunch/breakfast at kfc... then had a quick dessert at greenbelt... he bought chocolate ice cream for me... he only wanted me to have a single scoop but i asked for another so i ended up with choco-ice-cream-rush... which worked to my advantage when i was playing pf... heeheehee...

and then... we ate a whole lot more... we pigged out! :P but it was fun...

i wanna do it again!

hmmm... right now, i'm talking to this guy, yuki, who dresses up like a girl everyday... has breast implants and wants a sex change... isnt that great? :) it's always nice to see people like yuki-chan!



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