to be continued~ ^^,

Thursday, September 30, 2004

right now i ran out of words to express how i feel... but this song captures it well...


I feel like dyin'
Suffocate or somethin'
Let me hold on to you

Hold me closely
Don't want to suffer
I want to live
Than to fade away
I love my family
They're too far away
To touch me
I want my brother
To come for me

Don't want to
Turn away from you
Don't want to
Waste my time
Just to bleed for you

I can't believe the sh*t
You put me through
So cover me
Don't cry for me
This fear in me is killing me

Why don't you
Put it in your head?
That I don't wanna die
Don't wanna die
For nothin'

Lost my feelin'
Inside of me
I'm bleedin'
I see the devil
On your face

Come separate me
Ne the one to take me
To a place where
Now I can see

Repeat bridge
Repeat chorus

image from Albinator Pro 2.0


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