to be continued~ ^^,

Sunday, December 14, 2008

it's a roller-coaster ride to-...

what's one to do when failure looms overhead? does one wait for it to come and wash him away or does one run in the opposite direction?

one is a funny person. one lived his life as best and as bad as he could. he's laughed his heart out and cried till his eyes were a little shy of jumping out of their sockets.

one has friends as well as enemies. hell, one has a bunch of frenemies. all in all, one has a relatively normal life.


one's different from them and everyone else though. a type of different that goes beyond the typical uniqueness and individuality of a person. one caries another everywhere and whenever he walks.

another is with one always and forever, it seems. another is different, just like one but another is not seen by everyone.

another is one and one is one but one can never be another. only because everyone refuses to see one as another. a fact that causes worry and sadness to one and for another to be more defined in one's mind.

one is liked by many while another is ignored by everyone else. a void eats at one because of the distraught another feels. but another cannot be let out. they may hurt another and so one hides him.

will another ever see the light of day? will one persist or will one fade away?

when will another and one be together again?