to be continued~ ^^,

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

the things i do to pass time~

Saturday, February 24, 2007

*ahem-ahem* isang munting mensahe

sikat sikat
tapos punta sa buwan
baka doon makakuha ng hinahanap na

kasi nga naman
wento ng wento
kwentuhan lng
buti sana kung may kabuluhan
at kaunting katotohanan
ang mga pinagkakalat sa iba

ang iba naman
natuwa ng sobra
walang pakialam basta may makita

paano kasi
kaya nakakatuwa
baka bukas
pagsawaan na

bakit kaya sinimulan?
eh kung maubusan ng ideya?
paano na?

sabi ko na nga eh
punta punta na lang sa buwan
baka doon

ang tao nga naman
pag walang magawa
bigla bigla na lang

para sa pagkakataong nasa isip ko
kulang na kulang ang galing sa isip lang

walang masama
sa pakikipaglokohan sa iba
bola lang pala
kaya okay lang

pero pag napagod na ang isip
at naisipan nang totohanin
may marating ka kaya?


at para sa 'yo na ren,
malayo den sana ang pagpulutan sayo

pero kung hindi
at mapansin
na napaatras pa


kawawa naman.


wawa naman siya..


o.O oookaaaay~ i'll keep the reason as to why that came out to myself. :P heehee

thanks for eleven71188 for telling me to post this bloody thing.

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Friday, February 23, 2007

i think it's quite alright to say..

i feel lonely.


a couple of years ago, i would've said i'm lonely but i grew older and realized that there's a difference between being alone and feeling like you are...

watashi wa hitori janai..

i've said that before. but it's only now that i learned what it really meant.


i really do feel lonely at this very moment... or maybe i just feel a wee bit empty. either way, it's alright as long as i know that i am not alone.

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007


i know emcee-ing is part of being a mass communications student but it is sooo not fair to have to do it by yourself, with only an hour to prepare.

i did enjoy the talk//forum though...

i was forced to enjoy it.. if i didn't, i would have shrivelled up and died out of boredom.

one of the speakers gave me his calling card.. he said to call him up if we ever need a speaker who'll talk about careers and what not..

it kinda tripped me out a bit when he all of a sudden pulled out his wallet and gave me his card. see, the forum hasn't ended around that time.


i'm craving for a chicken mcrice thingy.

i want something new to listen to..

hmm.. crushes are such short-lived engagements for me..

^^ it was fun to be kilig and all that while i fussed over you but now would be a good time as any to move on. :P don't get me wrong.. you're still cute and witty and all the stuff i said you were but-but-but~


you don't have to look..



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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

myTunes <3

"Even the best fall down sometimes
Even the wrong words seem to rhyme
Out of the doubt that fills my mind
I somehow find
You and I collide"
-Collide by Howie Day

it's best to let the music do all the talking at times...

"Don't let yourself go
Cause everybody cries
And everybody hurts
Sometimes "
-Everybody Hurts by The Corrs
a fact, a universal one... one i'm living out right now..

"There's a lot of things I understand
And there's a lot of things that I don't want to know
But you're the only face I recognize
It's so damn sweet of you to look me in the eyes
It's alright, I'm ok
I think God can explain
I believe I'm the same
I get carried away
It's alright, I'm ok
I think God can explain
I'm relieved, I'm relaxed
I'll get over it, yeah"
-I Think God Can Explain by Splendor

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Sunday, February 11, 2007

ugh! bleah~

...because some people, very much like the person who gave birth to you, are hypocrites!!!

sure, i am not the most religous person on the bloody solar system. i do not attend mass every sunday, nor do i pray every night before going to bed but i sure as hell don't mess around when it comes to the big guy way up there..


atleast i don't go to mass when i don't feel like it. i don't participate in processions when i'm mad and i definitely don't go around scolding my daughter on a street corner where there are a lot of people around to hear and see!!!!!!


end notes :: (totally unrelated.. sort of~)

xander :: thanks for the earrings. they're incredibly pretty and i like them. i'm sorry i woke you when i called earlier.

tux~!!! my zedge buddy of mine~ :: i miss exchanging texts with you tooo~ and thanks for dropping by my blog every time you're online ;p

chiki :: get well soon, bunny. much prayers and love.

i now leave you to ponder on life, love, food, sports... poop? or whatever it is that you must reflect on with this...

lewey bear and the death glare~
isn't he just plain cute? :P

Thursday, February 08, 2007

social kilig~


did you know that there are a couple of kinds of yawns? one of which is the social yawn. when one sees another yawn that person tends to yawn and when another person sees that person yawn he yawns himself...

i did not make that up..

anyway... so that's the social yawn.. i never thought that kilig could be contagious too.

apparently, everyone is kilig for me. i got back from my monday outing with chiki and her friend, xander [i refuse to call him al] past midnight, tuesday. in my hand was a boquet of white roses xander bought and gave me on a whim while we were drinking at sharkies.


i was telling ate lady about said evening when she and my sister all of a sudden veared the conversation to...

is he cute?
what do you guys text about?

and the heavy hitter c/o my cousin,

so you have a date for valentine's na?

my mind just reeled and i couldn't help but go, "ha?!"

but here's the thing.. everyone else is experiencing kilig on my account, right? how come i'm not feeling it?


but to answer their questions:

yep, he's cute and we text about all sorts of stuff. i prefer talking with him than texting with him though..


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Friday, February 02, 2007

it's all so juvenile


as if it wasn't enough for the cosmos to have me think my classmate is cute, it just had to play things up a bit.

my sister and her friend were incredibly amused to find that i do have a crush on someone. it's kind of silly really since i'm already 20 and i had the impression that you would have to be a tween to crush on someone. obviously, i'm horridly wrong.


i watched the smirk grow on my sister's face as she listened to me say that that guy was the perfect mixture of intellect and kulit. it's true! he's smart and insanely amusing. he would have me laugh and smile at his expense. :P he's no clown, mind you. he kept me from dozing off in class without having to resort to mediocrity.

yesterday, aside from our usual chatter while "listening" to our prof, he scribbled on a piece of paper and slapped it on my table. next thing i know, we've already used up the sheet and he took out one whole yellow paper. lol

looking back, note passing while verbally talking about something else is something i don't usually do. come to think of it, what we wrote about isn't exactly something i would "talk" about with a classmate..

O.o this whole crush and kilig thing is totally insane! amusing and funny but insane nonetheless..

i guess it's just as he wrote: to be continued...


i found something interesting to read..

only thing left to do is to find myself a copy. :P

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