to be continued~ ^^,

Monday, July 31, 2006

a stress pill later

it's been a long, long week and i'm/we're still dealing with the same problems.

two major school-related smuff:
*paper is still not out and it's all thanks to one man. bleah
*collegiate politics sucks dust bunny's ass.

had fun making posters and whatnot with kuya johnny, ethel and marie though. posters and balloons is the game of our campaign. yeeep.. okane wa nai.. hence no tarp. :P

i am too tired

i took pictures of the members of our party earlier today. had fun.


forgive me

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

hitting the right note~

today was exceptionally special but it's not because donn gave me a teddy bear that hugs back. nope. not even close..

morning was awesome. i saw shanta's mom on the telly and called her up on her cell. i ended up waking her and burning 200 pesos worth of load. :P it's all good though.

got to school. physics and then attended mass. it's the school's foundation day. wow. i didnt know. o.O after the mass, the ONLY running party's candidates were presented to the student body. i took pictures with my meager cellphone cam for the paper. next thing i know, i was face to face with lady holy-orderly-so-high-up-her-pedestal straining to hear her refuse to have her bloody picture taken.

[unprintable string of cussing ensues]

just when i thought things will turn around, the annoying wortless slob of a professor appeared. see, i was planning on ditching his class to finish the paper's layouting and since he was there right in front of me, i thought it only proper to tell him i was missing his class to finish the layouting. apparently i said something else because he answered me with this, "that is not a reason. you will still get a zero in the quiz."

what the FLYING fuck was that?!

[a whole forest of cussing sprouts out of my mouth]

i wasnt asking him to excuse me from his class. the only reason i told him i was skipping his class was because he was right there in front of me and thought it better to tell him myself why i wasn't inside the room.

ethel, myself and sheila walked to the bank to withdraw money for the color separation, so we can actually have the printing started tomorrow! surprise surFUCKINGprise!! the check the accounting office so thoughtfully gave the paper was issued to the WRONG PERSON, insisting it had to be issued to her.

[i was an inch away from just freaking out inside the bank. if it wasn't for the presence of the cute preschooler kid in her little white and blue preschooler checkered uniform i would have.]

sheila went back to school to carry out the idea we thought of regarding the check and the money while ethel and i headed to jollibee to meet up with kuya alex, our layout artist, to discuss the final edits and whatnot, because his keyboard is busted. thankfully ethel and i had our copies of the dummies where we wrote corrections, instructions and reminders on.

an hour and a mutilated scratch paper later, ethel left for work and kuya alex went ahead with his girlfriend. here's what sheila and i had for lunch: shanghai rolls with rice; one piece chicken with rice; two large fries; choco brownie sundae; tuna-melt and drinks.
i need to go through ANGER MANAGEMENT.

and i thought i was just going to write a post about me not being able to sing anything but choir and church songs.

.crap freaking muck.

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Monday, July 24, 2006

happy pill

i got a quote from chiki that said, "HAPPY THOUGHT: someday someone will walk into your life and make you realize why it never worked out with anyone else.."

it is a nice thought isn't it? but the niceness wore off after i went through a series of ultra giggly, slap me in the face with a sugar cane type of fic. for the most part, the fic was awfully sweet and retardedly appealed to my romantic side. like a sugar rush, this kind of novelty wears off quick and is replaced by bitterness.


i blame society, the media and literature for messing with my brain and making me think that i freaking NEED that special romantic sparkly love connection in my life now. pft.

okaaay. i give. we all deserve a little romance in our life, a partner who will just tolerate us at the very least but for sanity's sake... I have to stop believing that i am going to lead a lousy life if i go on without a boyfriend for the next week! =.=;;

who am i kidding?!

got it from my sister's files. dunno where she got it.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

one word too many

fuck. just like that. my original post for today. vanished.

since i'm too smashed to recall and rewrite and repost i'm just going to leave this post as is.

jay, you suck.

there, i wrote about you.

that's what my salary would look like..

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

he said what now?

we all have friends that we haven't seen in awhile. i happen to have a friend that i have not seen in years.. we were talking via msn messenger earlier and he sent me a picture of himself together with his najimi [japanese for intimate//special friend]. i started laughing as soon as i saw the pic. kuya gino, my old time buddy, hasn't changed at all! he's still that wee stick of a person that i got to know. his hair is still the same, thank goodness his clothing sense isn't.

kuya gino and ate april

showed the photo to my mom and sister, who mirrored my sentiments. XD sorry kuya g, but that's the truth. :P

i made a total ass out of myself early this afternoon. i was stupid enough not to check my exam schedule and walked in on a room of a totally different class. thankfully, the proctor knew me and told me i wasnt in that class. as soon as the people in the room started laughing and turned 180 degrees and stepped out of the room. (o..O) apparently my physics exam isn't till friday afternoon.


i want to own a copy of every The Simpsons episode, aired or not. :P

"Don't you get it? It's all Christianity, people!
The little, stupid differences are nothing next to the big stupid similarities!"
~Bart Simpson

Monday, July 17, 2006

put it back to where it was..

i was checking my mail and saw a friendster notice saying i have a friend request from chiki. so i log in to my friendster account and looked through chiki's profile~

let me start with her pictures. she told me and ernie last friday about the latest addition to her photos, a chiki anime version pic.

Chiki, my immediate boss.

i just had to save both pictures and stare. see, i tried my hand and my pen tab at a little cg. never had formal training nor the time to really learn it so the whole thing just slid through my brain. i ended up focusing on making gifs and cell wallpapers and then stopped altogether. *shrug* looking at chiki's photos reminded me to use my pentab that i basically allowed my sister to abuse. =.=;; i think i'm going to try my hand at cg/anime art once again.

XD couldn't have picked a better time too, this week is prelims week. i got exams from wednesday to friday. bleah.

i need to see dead man's chest! i so do not want to miss out. ~.~ i just HAD to watch superman returns.. i am such a loser.

i am NOT looking forward to this weekend. i was supposed to go to my grandma's place and then see my dentist to get those dental work down. o.O retainers, good lard! anyway, my pre-scheduled plans got scrapped when i was told that there was going to be another code-m meeting. i am not going to be a happy person this saturday.

i wouldn't mind some booze right about now.

but it's only monday, things might get moved around. the weather might permit some changes that i may benefit from.. yeah right. i need to work on my optimism.

why am i so darn gloomy?!

must be the candy..

yeah must be the candy.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

strawberry jam

saw superman returns today with my sister and mother. i ended up liking the movie, and for a moment, appreciating superman.


i miss my baby girl.. :S too bad she isn't really mine nor is she my younger sister. ~.~ oh well, such is life.. heehee

isn't she just the cutest?! XD i get all happy and excited when people ask me if i'm related to that little angel whenever we go around the school. heehee. she's such a sweet child too! she gives out the nicest hugs and the cutest laugh.


people say we look alike. even ate teri said so. but she's definitely in a different league of cute and cuddly than i.

i had a weird sandwich and american chopper for breakfast yesterday. the cab driver played praise music the whole trip. we were in the cab for almost an hour.

why cant spongebob be green?

i want to go to glorietta.

i'm going to bed

it's not FUNNY!!! pocky

Monday, July 10, 2006

down that road, right after the 3rd hill

july 7th, 2006, friday afternoon

i left manila for nasugbu, batangas. it was a pretty good trip until my cousin's car broke down. thankfully, it was just a small case of the engine over-heating because the gasoline boy from earlier that afternoon didnt screw the cap for the water tank thingy properly. i had to walk/run to the gate of some obscure "posh" village to ask for water. :P good thing the guards manning the gate were incredibly nice and got the water for me. the water station was a good distance from the gate and i had them fill up a relatively huge container TWICE. i wish i could credit my utterly cute face for their generosity and kindness but the guards were just really nice and probably bored. heehee.

we finally reached my grandma's house after a couple more miles and a shameless McDonald's stopover.

it was cool to see my grandma and nieces and to stay over for the whole weekend. everything was such a blur but i remember it being extremely fun. heehee. i'm sorry i had to leave raffy to fend for himself but it's all good.

i got back yesterday with news of more expenses for my mother and dad. i went to see our dentist while i was at my grandma's and aside from just having my teeth cleaned, i left the dentist with a pretty nifty picture //x-ray// of back part of the right-side of my lower jaw that i complained about.

I'M GOING TO HAVE SURGERY~!! isn't that great? my first ever excursion under the knife and it's because my wisdom tooth is impacted! i would have to live with it till sembreak though. the dentist lady said that the operation would leave my face swollen and that it would take awhile and since i can't miss out on school, i would have to wait.

i am excited as much as i am petrified of the thoughts of HOW they're going to go through with the extraction of my not so wise wisdom tooth. the dentist said they cant just bloody yank the thing out since there's little space to do so, as you can see. i think i remember her say something about slicing, sections, little piece, out. or was that OUCH? bleah. in any case. i need to have that tooth removed. it hurts like a bitch sometimes.

strawberry muffins and blue tartar sauce.

i'm too out of myself to do any of the work i'm supposed to do. im yet to re-write one of the articles my co-writers turned in. i have to re-write it since plain editing wont do. bleah. '

i'm getting retainers for my upper teeth. :P like, oh my god! i'm going to have retainers. i am sooo going to look like a total dork. does it come in other colors? i dont think stainless steel works for me. *cough* *gag* *coughs my lungs out*


Thursday, July 06, 2006

don't do it *there*!

hmm.. so much work to be done.. and yet i don't feel like i'm busy enough.

physics class suck to high hell! why do people let ignorant fools teach subjects they can never comprehend?! bleah~ i blame capitalism.

atleast the chorale's turning out great! the freshies needs lots of practice and they have a lot to get used to but i have high hopes for the scc.

is it alright to say that my teeth hurt? :P okay, not my teeth. but my wisdom tooth is giving me some pains. pft. thank goodness i'm scheduled to see the dentist a couple of days from now.

bubble pop electric. yep. i'm listening and singing along to gwen stefanie.

the world is getting smaller and smaller and fucking smaller by the second.

maybe i can have my own planet just like little prince! only i'm going to grow people, cut them down and watch them shrivel up and die. XD

since teddy is too busy with work i'm going to go now.. ~.~

i'm soo not ready to re-learn physics the absolutely WRONG and CONFUSING way! weee~


toads and boogers

image from organic-planet