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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

a little bit of that

a friend of mine told me that all we need is a little bit of kilig.

i thought he was crazy. :P

it's a pretty interesting feeling, that kilig. so interesting that there's no english word for it. it's relatively hard to explain since the feeling is different for everyone. me? i feel a hodgepodge of mushy gushy teenybopper-ish kinds of emotions. i'd feel giddy [like *squee* kind of giddy. -.-;;], cute and flushed all at the same time.

pathetic and just plain idiotic when you think about it. then again, feeling it is another ball game.

i'm not going to go into details. i think i already overtold the story. XD

now what would be a great track for said kilig moment?

o.O can't think of any songs. lol :D leave it.

my piso's worth :: being kilig [good lord. i sound so bloody conio X.x] is like having ice cream. you don't fuss about making a mess or not having any after finishing your cone. you just focus on enjoying the pleasantly cold treat. don't start wandering away thinking that it could be more than just plain kilig and start planning a wedding! ^^ see, the best thing is to just savor the moment but don't stay there forever.

it just makes for good chitchat ;P

heehee look at what i found~ :D

movie :: Step Up
song :: Till the Dawn
by :: Drew Sidora


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Sunday, January 21, 2007

color me bored

i want to dance another night away.


yeeep~ friends who can dance and wouldn't mind getting real close, booze and awesome beats are all i need.

^^ too bad i'm not that much of a party girl.

clubbing anyone?

"If you let go,
the music should groove your bones"

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Sunday, January 07, 2007

a eulogy... of sorts

i would like to believe something profound caused my mind into such a pitifull standstill. i wish i could put the blame on a person who has caused me immense amounts of grief. but i am afraid i am the only one to blame for the death of my mind.

i have become careless and let myself go when i should have hung on with every fiber of my being. the sudden onslaught of having friends and responsibilities has caused me to lose focus and eventually found my way to shamefull neglect.

oh, what i fool i have been. oh, what i distastefull thing i have become!

is it too late to regain what i have so foolishly thrown away? is there nothing i can do to rid myself of this cancer?

oh my dear, most cherished vengefull love, could you ever find it in that wonderfully twisted heart of yours to grant me exile? your distance consumes me. your words, heavy with bitter passion, make me ache. spare me a second or two to think.

wonderful isn't it? i can't even keep on one track of thought..

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Saturday, January 06, 2007

the new e

raffy just finished upgrading us to windows internet explorer 7

well.. maybe it's just me and having been used to the older version of IE but ver. 7 feels a wee bit funny. i guess it's great that it's less cluttered, having utilized smaller icons as opposed to the chunky wordy ones of the previous IE.

having the address bar way up is something that will have to grow on me. but with the search bar just right beside it, i feel like my yahoo toolbar's websearch part is redundant..

the yahoo toolbar aside, i like how everything is laid out for me. version 7 is cleaner and easier to use.


Thursday, January 04, 2007

there's absolutely noone up there..

i lost my brain..

i can't function well and i can't work..

maybe SHE can help.

just click on your bloody sign and voil√°! no more troubles.

yeah right..

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


i've grown tired of repeatedly beating myself up over being painfully single.

not being able to have someone to love, share and hold can, at the worst of times, make one ache.

for me, it has caused immense amounts of frustration, doubt, depression and confusion.

sans amour

i am without love.

it's quite alright though.. all the times i was alone has taught me a great deal. i like to believe that my solitude, if you could call it that, has taught me to love more.. better.

i may not have been so unfortunate after all... i may, in fact, be a person who has a lot of love in me.

i think it would be incredibly nice if you came crashing into my life again.. even if you would just leave as fast as you came. if that's not possible that's okay too. i think i can find a piece of you in another person and that would be enough. cruel, fake but enough.. suki dayo..

emo post. yes, i know. but for some strange reason.. i think i'll hang on to that oh so familiar dinky sinking feeling and keep it to myself.

i want to see the flip side.

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