to be continued~ ^^,

Monday, April 02, 2007

fussing over you.

^^ cheezy title ne?


tegami.. letters... sulat... as in snail mail. people, i think have lost their appreciation for the aforementioned object.

i'm not going into detail. i am too tired for that.


i'm relieved to know pumpkin's doing fine. i still wish he didnt have to put himself in that kind of "isolating" situation though..



i have terrible penmanship. i guess i'll have to settle for having my next letters typewritten. typewritten letters lack affection though.. it's too, impersonal almost.



summer heat. winter aftermath. it's hot over here but it's freezing over there. i'm not sure if you read my blog, nii-chan, but you really need to do something about *it*

...before *it* drives you insane.


swept and blown away
further, higher up the sky
to the ground, breathless

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