to be continued~ ^^,

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Philippine International Cartoons, Comics and Animation (PICCA) Festival


This is the first! A colorful ambitious event celebrating the arts of cartooning, comics creation, and animation. Four days of exhibits, competition, workshops, talks, caricature sessions, book launching, recognition awards, spiced up with music and dance.

When: October 15-18, 2009

Where: SM MegaMall Atrium, SM MegaMall Art Galleries, PowerBooks, Poveda

DAY ONE, October 15 Thursday


Opening of Samahang Kartunista ng Pilipinas and Friends Exhibit

Opening of Competition Entries Exhibits

Start of Talks on Cartooning and Comics


Continuation of Talks on Cartooning and Comics

Cartoon Workshop for Children

Launch of “One Hundred Years of Filipino Comics” coffee table book


Parangal sa mga Tagapaglikha ng Komiks

DAY TWO, October 16 Friday

Whole Day

Samahang Kartunista and Friends exhibit

Competition Entries exhibits

Caricature Sessions at the Atrium

Talks on Animation and Intellectual Property Rights

Screening of “Urduja: and other animation shorts


Awards and Culture Night

DAY THREE, October 17 Saturday

Whole Day

Trip to Tagaytay for foreign guests and Cartoon, Comics, and Animation VIPs and friends for a taste of Pinoy cuisine and holding of on-the-spot sketching and caricaturing

The exhibits at the SM Megamall continue

DAY FOUR, October 18 Sunday

KOMIKON More exhibits, comicbook launches, merchandizes

Last day of exhibits at SM Megamall

NOTE: More details to be announced soon. Please expect slight changes in the activities as the Festival days approach. Let us join hands!

Friday, February 20, 2009

and so i howl

can you not hear it?
the roaring from deep inside me
can you not feel it?
the melting fire glowing white beneath my skin

it consumes me
like a hungry lover lost for years
it moves me
unlike anything else i feel

it's as loud as thunder
and as bright as the sun
to you, however
it doesn't even come close to a hum

the misery of it drains the soul
sucks the life out of it till there's nothing more
but the foolish heart persists
so till now, its howls falls on deaf ears

Monday, February 09, 2009

unravel me

pounding hearts
silken touches

eyes closed tight
a slave of passion
limbs yielding in its throes
dying, living, unsure of what to do

words are lost
voices ragged and torn
into my heart
fight for my soul

looming over me
drowning in lust
pain is nothing
crucified with your love

find me
love me
unravel me
all in a moment's reprieve