to be continued~ ^^,

Monday, May 29, 2006


well, i finally got to watch the da vinci code yesterday. the verdict? it was okay. it wasn't mind-blowing but it didnt move me to sleep either. seeing the movie was like eating boiled chicken. it was bland. i hate to say it but it's true!

though mckellen /teabing/, hanks /langdon/ and reno /fache/ played their parts well, i couldnt help but feel irked by tautou's /neveu/ acting. right at the beginning i felt that her performance was dry. from the moment she saw her grandfather's body lying on the floor to the point where she learns of her identity. i mean for goodness' sake! the man you knew as your grandfather is lying naked, spread out and dead on the floor; you get assaulted by an albino monk; shot at and you learn of the reality of the holy grail the least you can do is show much more emotion than a wet sponge can. O.o

maybe that was a bit too harsh.. let's see.. she did have a nice accent. ^^ it was fun listening to her speak in english.

kudos to director, ron howard for coming up with the interesting flashback scenes. i enjoyed watching the past slowly bleed into the "present". goldsman, the man behind the screenplay, i feel could have kicked the script up a couple more notches.

all in all, it was a decent movie. it remained mostly faithful to the book and the actors did their job well. but one's imagination can do better. :)

after the movie, a couple of video games and a quick trip to the grocery, my family and i got into a cab and went back to our house where my cousin /kuya tracee/, his wife /ate jenny/ and their son, hanz were waiting.

come 7pm, my dad and i sticked to the telly, patiently waiting for the F1 race proper. it was 8pm [manila time] when the race started. i got pretty riled up when i learned that massa's, ferrari's 2nd driver, starting position was 21. [note: there are 22 cars that participated] what got me worked up even more was the knowledge that m. schumacher, ferrari's front man and my favorite f1 racer of all-time, was starting at the pit lane, of all places!!!

i was devastated. i thought it was over! you see, the monaco circuit is the merciless of all of the other tracks f1 cars race on! the track is dotted with a series of unforgiving chicanes that shred tires like it's nothing, there are sharper turns and tighter race ways which make overtaking almost impossible. but i brushed the hopeless feeling off and watched the race.

but i underestimated the man in red. from being the 22nd car in the race he got up to 16 and then 13. an amazing thing to have accomplished while driving in monaco! i felt irritated when i saw the numbers. barrichello of honda was 20 to 35 seconds away from alonso, who was in poll position, for the entire race! keeping 17 cars held up! but schumi did not back down an inch! he kept on pushing himself and his car until he ended in 5th position 78 laps later. good show! XD

the results of the monaco grand prix are as follows:
  1. Fernando Alonso Renault
  2. Juan Pablo Montoya McLaren
  3. David Coulthard Red Bull
  4. Rubens Barrichello Honda
  5. Michael Schumacher Ferrari
  6. Giancarlo Fisichella Renault
  7. Nick Heidfeld BMW Sauber
  8. Ralf Schumacher Toyota
  9. Felipe Massa Ferrari
  10. Vitantonio Liuzzi Toro Rosso
  11. Jensen Button Honda
  12. Christijan Albers Midland
  13. Scott Speed Toro Rosso
  14. Jacques Villeneuve BMW Sauber
  15. Tiago Monteiro Midland
  16. Franck Montagny Super Aguri

and these are the folks who came so close but did not finish:

  1. Jarno Trulli Toyota
  2. Christian Klien Red Bull
  3. Nico Rosberg Williams
  4. Kimi Raikkonen McLaren
  5. Mark Webber Williams
  6. Takuma Sato Super Aguri

:) for a more detailed information on the race, teams, cars and racers just log on to The Official Formula 1 Website

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click on the seagull to see images before, during and after the race.

(image is taken from the f1 gallery)

"We are only in the seventh round of the championship and there is still everything to play for." - Michael Schumacher of Team Ferrari

looking forward to the next race which will be held in britain on june 11, 2006! :D

Saturday, May 27, 2006

anata ni aitai..

but no. not today and not any time soon. which is fine.


things rarely go as planned. my dad had to lug around 4 bags of kitty litter while we walked from sm makati to greenbelt. the japanese restaurant we wanted to eat in was closed.. we weren't able to watch the da vinci code because there weren't any seats left. *sigh* and i feel like i'm drifting away from donn.

on the other hand,

i ended up buying the over-priced archery book i've been wishing for. had fun at timezone. :) kit and myself managed to reserve seats for the first showing of the da vinci code tomorrow. and as i feel donn fading from my radar, another person came into view again. i guess a great deal of distance between us rendered us incapable of disliking each other after breaking up. //thanks drew//.

sana bukas iba naman.

the da vinci code movie, F1 race proper =live!= and baby hanz :)

but right now? let me dream of things i will never have.

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Friday, May 26, 2006

depression get thee behind me//the eulogy

you only miss what you lose.. yes, it's bitter-sweet. it's not yours to lose and yet you feel like something was taken from you. it's ironic and unerving. it sucks..

i just dont want to lose anything else. but things dont always go my way... right now, my once trusty and very much favored EHD /external hard drive/ died on me. along with ALL of my files. anime, research materials, modules, mp3s and photos. okay that half i can easily replace but what about my poems, essays, short stories and articles? they're all gone. every single one of them, gone. like i never wrote them.

just when i was about to transfer my files to the new EHD, my old one fails on me. everything i wrote is gone. why didnt i make hard copies? what did i possibly do to my old ehd that lead to this? am i being too dramatic? maybe.. but those files were my own thoughts and feelings and now they're gone. it makes me feel like more than half of me got corrupted and erased just like that.

i'd like for it to talk and tell me why it wiped all of my files... but it can't talk and it is now reduced to nothing. just an encased series of fried circuit boards..

i will miss you little brownie who unquestioningly carried and embodied my feelings, thoughts, creativity and escape. you who housed a big part of me.

i wish you were a real person so i could have bludgeoned you to the verge of death for erasing all of my files but i am not so lucky. and so i shed unwanted tears for all that will never be and for all that once was..

^^ good morning raffy~

so after a disastrous afternoon yesterday, my cousin and his wife, kuya tracee and ate jenny managed to bring my dad to our house from the airport.

heehee.. my sister got the w800i phone which she specifically requested for and my dad even upgraded my mom's phone to a nokia 3230. sweet! i love my mom's phone just because it has some pretty nifty and fun games installed in it. i was playing all three games like crazy until 2:00 in the morning.

x.X i found out a couple of days ago that there's going to be another yaoi convention this year. actually it's this month, this week.. OKAY!! it's going to happen tomorrow.. wont be able to go coz my dad just got here yesterday and i dont think he'd be too thrilled to know what a yaoi convention is exactly.. v.v i wanna gooooooooooooo~!! *sniff*


on the brighter side.. i'm pretty sure i would be able to go to this japanese music fest sometime in july! i got permission from one of the organizers to go trigger happy with the R1. :D i can't wait!! the music, the people and the booze!! july 8 is marked on my calendar. and by huckleberry fin's foot, i am not missing that event! hah! all for the love of jrock! and pop. :P

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hyuu hyuuuu~


Wednesday, May 24, 2006

this just in..

X.x i'm going to be working on the da vinci article alooone~!! sheila's got her ojt thing going on so she won't be able to work on the article with me. nuts. after all that never ending dvc hype, i just got fed-up. i think i'm now a wee bit allergic to it.

it's remotely sick how there's a da vinci code book/movie related article in the two papers i read and come sunday, the priest is more than happy to tell you that even thinking of seeing the movie is an insult to our almighty father.


i am not enjoying this at all. doitsumo koitsumo... *rawr!*

my dad will be flying in tomorrow from SA. i am not sure how long he'll be staying. i just hope that there would be less tension and stress or i just might snap before i could make something out of my life. =.=

my neice left early this morning.. i am once again left to handle my sister, mother and father on my own. i cant wait to get enough money to buy half the stuff on my anime dvd wish list.. *sigh*

there's no plus side aside from the somehow cool weather. i hope it rains hard tonight.

ai shiteruze raffy~

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and about time too!

while livejournal and xanga has been fun and extremely forgiving of my emo *hack* rantings i just had to go back to my first online journal. so thanks a bunch to blogger for keeping my dormant blog alive!

with that aside, let's move on to business shall we?

i was going through pinoy cosplay this morning when i got a text from donn asking me if i was awake. i replied to him an affirmative an asked him why and lo! donn told me to go outside my house coz he was there. anyway, after much rushing to get myself cleaned up because i just woke up, i went outside and we ended up walking around the neighborhood and the not-so near neighborhood for an hour and a half! heehee.. we ought to do it again next time minus the incredibly serious topic ne?


too bad donn forgot to bring me omiyage from bicol~

lagot ka saken!! ^^

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Karin te nani?

^^ Karin is the newest addition to my anime collection. :P

it's a 24 episode series about Karin, a not-so vampiric vampire, who instead of sucking the blood of her victims she reproducs blood and transfers it to the person she's biting. X.x she's also able to can eat human food and withstand sunlight. her completely normal vampire father sends her to study in highschool where a tranfer student, Kenta Usui, discovers her secret and was forced to keep quiet and to watch over karin!

it's 24 episodes of comedy, light mush, love squares, vampire hunting and a gaijin vampire hunter who talks funny. heehee.. highly recommended to anyone who's just looking for something easy but fun to watch.. XD

here are some screenshots: (i was too lazy to edit them and to take better ones. gomen ne?)

Thursday, May 04, 2006

i finally got to go out again yesterday.

i got a cab to the mall. bad mistake since the traffic along ortigas was horrible.

when i got to timezone, khan was already playing guitar freaks. we played a couple more games and watched silent hill. pretty damn disturbing movie. we walked in on the last 30 minutes and it was pretty good. lots of zombies and blood and burning. we waited for the movie to run again and i fell asleep on khan's shoulder//chest as soon as the part we came in on played. then we had dinner at yoshinoya. got a safaboo~ heehee... which is now clipped on my cell. cute little thing..

the best part was the ride back. the upside to not having your own car and being able to take a cab when it's extremely late is that you just get to sit back and doze off some more.. khan lost of his baby fats and got lots of muscle. damn. so he's not so cuddly anymore... but he's still warm and still hugs back.. so it's cool...

i finished my first article for the first issue of the school paper today. a commentary on the whole da vinci code frenzy.. i doubt if the nuns will like it. or if it gets published at all. too much for press freedom in an exclusive college.

well, that's one article now i have to come up with four feature articles. one band feature, a the da vinci code book and movie review, and two more other articles i havent even decided on yet.

i just hope i reach my quota and my deadline.