to be continued~ ^^,

Saturday, September 08, 2007

bitter coals

take your leave and never look back.
i have no silver to give you nor are you worth as much.

heaven will shun you and purgatory will mock your plight.
no answer will be given to your seeking eyes.

away with your falsehood and turn from your grace.
it is not glory you seek but of pain you reek.

unwanting is your mind and unsure is your heart.
peace is an idea you will never take hold of.

thrust into the darkness and revel in the cold.
the blood runs its course but stops for one.

my lord is your hero and my death your release.
have at me for not much time is left.

offer not your claim of love
i have no need or want for it
suffer not on my behalf
only a fool would subject to it

here before you little is left
much was ripped from me, stolen
taken from me, my sanity and being
i am my person no longer

lay not upon me your comfort
i have done little to deserve it
let me trickle slowly
show you how i fall

what you speak of warms me not
keep your arms away and to your soul
salvation is for those who seek it
i most certainly do not

pardon a brief moment of thanks
despite the hate is debt
take it and never look back
i have nothing else to give you..

nor am i worth that much.

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