to be continued~ ^^,

Saturday, December 30, 2006

damn it!!!

it's TWO in the fucking morning..

and all you assbrains can think of is setting off those infernal fireworks on the fucking THIRTIETH (30) of bloody JANUARY?!

buti sana kung isa dalawang putok lang.. buti sana kung putek na madaling araw ng 31 hanggang a-uno ng enero..

pero hindi eh!!!!

fucking idiots set off TWO! yes count them, two!!!!!!! sets of those looooong whistling and booming firecrackers..

freaking p#$&ng*na ninyong lahat! may mga taong katulad ko na pagod, masakit ang katawan, puyat at kagagaling lang sa sakit na hindi na nakakatulog once na magising.

MAGPATULOG KAYO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i dont bloody care if you guys have all the money in the whole damned universe to waste on fireworks!!!

let's just hope none of you inconsiderate sons of bitches get your stupid fugly heads blown off..

last na ito..

mga gago!


Thursday, December 28, 2006



i think i'll be crying tonight..
april 10, 2006..
i want to bleed it all away..


Wednesday, December 27, 2006

oh booger

daaamn it..

inggit ako!

actually.. i ought to stop reading those gracefully written romance fics i have in file..


i know not everyone reads yaoi/shonen-ai and whathaveyou.. hell.. not everone likes to read but..





here's the piano version of Bana's Shell from Witch Hunter Robin

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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

of stuffed rabbits and carebears..

well.. this year's christmas sure was interesting.. lots of fun, medicine and sleep.

i actually have nothing to say.

i'm too tired from the drive from my grandma's to here.

i'm still sick, but on the way to recovery.

a hug is all i asked for..

Friday, December 22, 2006

to whom this may concern

past experiences told me writing a letter like this one is like tossing a lit cigarette butt into a drum of oil.

but the year is ending and right now, i don't care if some things or someone blows up.


let's start shall we?

oh muffy~ i wish i could tell you straight how much i hate you and wish for you to suffer eternal torture.. after which i would like to step on what little balls you have and crush them..

happy holidays everyone!

Monday, December 18, 2006

random moments XD

two exams down three more to go...

hell week sucks.

but life really does have a funny of helping one out. well, in my case, it wasn't so much help but an unexpected way of amusing me..

i came out of my world lit exams feeling totally defeated. i had no idea our prof would have us filling in the blanks of excerpts of some of the poems we discussed and figure out which poem it is and who wrote it. as if that wasn't enough, she had as "quote" a stanza from three different poems. bleah!

i brushed the sinking feeling off and told myself i still had theo8 to worry about and that i have to perfect the bloody exam. freaking harder than i thought! there were items we never discussed in class and i had four items which i left blank. so much for acing the test.

'round past 5, i found myself along with chiki, ethel, marie and lester in Wham! [some burger joint along banawe] we ate, talked, hung out and left after a good two hours. rode a jeep to q. ave with chix and hailed myself an fx bound for manila.

i ended up sitting at the back which i dont really enjoy especially when i'm in my tent of a uniform and the fx had that big ass door that swings up instead of opening to the side. my Pod was playing L'arc~en~ciel's Stay Away when this [relatively cute] guy lugging around this big case, that i assumed contained a violin, opened the door and squeezed himself in at the back. i made a little noise thinking that my hair was caught in the door. he pulled his case to his left and asked me if my feet were okay, to which i answered yeah.

you see, he got on blumentritt and my stop was before maceda. when i saw the gasoline station i said, "sa tabi lang po" but the fx veered to the left. the dude opposite me yelped "PARA!" and the fx proceeded to go to the right side of the road to let me off.

end of story? not quite!

the freaking door was a bitch to open. the handle wasn't facing me and the guy ended up opening the door for me after much fumbling with the handle. i carefully got off, minding my head and the low clearance of the abominable door. once on the side walk i turned to the fx as it began to drive away when i noticed the relatively cute guy waving goodbye to me. i just ended up smiling and waving back to him.


life can be a total bitch and a seriously helpless jester at the same time.


psychology and mc102 tomorrow. yikes.

they played this song at wham! a bunch of times. ^^ major lss but love the song! :P

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Sunday, December 17, 2006

randomness kills

i just realized that my english is failing me. not to mention i havent really brushed up on my japanese.

these are one of those things you just don't want to wake up to but i did. i ought to stock up on books to read and documentaries to watch just so i could get back half of the english i lost to carelessness before i write my articles.

at this rate.. i'll never be able to move on to french and spanish. ugh. i'm doomed.


:P good luck to the people joining the prayer rally stint today. sorry i won't be there with you guys on the account of my mom not letting me. [i've never been so happy to be told i'm not allowed to go :P] do take care though. there's no telling what half-witted money-driven monkeys would do..

on a side-note:

listening to jessa zaragoza sing the english version of first love is really something. -.-;;


i was listening to this and it just sounded strange to me. like utada was in the middle of mmm... giving birth? while singing this song. so i looked it up on youtube and lo! i've never been so impressed and uneasy at the same time. her english definitely improved but the manner in which she delivered the song is just hard for me to chew... *shrug* maybe it's just me.

oh well..

Saturday, December 16, 2006

movie reruns and bad weather

saturdays are sick. i can't believe the day i start missing being IN school came!

heh! the dean wishes i miss school but it's not really the college that i miss. it's the people.. yeah.. the people. some of them are sicker than the school and the dean put together but the ones i hang with are awesome.

kuya lester... you freaking missed out! :P

i found myself in school yesterday afternoon even though i didnt have any exam scheduled for that day. i ended up in starbucks with ethel, marie, john, chiki, joel, ralph and mark. the number of theresians that i saw surprised me but i was taken aback at how they acted. that's another ball game though. it took me awhile to understand that the alumni are of a different breed than the current ones. :P

ethel and i ended up sitting together inside starbucks while the whole lot of them remained outside for the freedom to smoke, heat and less chattering from the other patrons inside the store. i'm excited for ethel's movie project! she allowed me to read her script and it's pretty damn interesting. i really can't wait to see it. i'm pretty sure it'll turn out great~! much luck on that..

ralph.. i learned the most amusing way NOT to let you drink more than one serving of any caffeinated drink. it was fun to watch you ride that caffeine high of yours. you really are just plain cute~


i worked on my christmas list earlier today.. still got to figure out what to give to three people. @.@ i just hope i manage to come up with something before the year ends.

friends, if all goes well, expect your gifts in january. ^^

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

skip, trip, hop... deal.

tunes: Restless by Evil Nine (Tokyo Drift OST)
what's your excuse?:
absolutely NOTHING!

~(",~) (~.")~
in my efforts not to sleep in my world lit class yesterday, i ended up chatting with the philam guy in our class. i think alfred is his name. ^^; sorry i'm not really that good with remembering stuff.


i ended up learning that he's into japanese music. yeeep! ayumi hamasaki in particular. XD i've never been so amused in my life. i dont have a lot of tracks on ayumi save for the ones she did for inuyasha so i decided to youtube her.

i found this:

interesting dont ya think? the girl is ayumi hamasaki and the guy she's singing with is the legendary gackt!

and then... i found this...

isn't it just plain cute? :P

Friday, December 08, 2006

relaxation is a feat only a few can do

i think the intramurals is finally at its end. the only thing left to do is to attend the awarding ceremony on monday and go back to our regular classes the day after..

i'm glad it's going to be over soon.

to my team mates, good job and good game all around.

the women's blue team lost all of their games ofcourse. i contributed little to us not losing so much. i'm seriously not built for running or shooting or recieving and stopping a ball. i'm leaving basketball and volleyball to the professionals.

to our competitors.. great job. ^^ thanks for trying not to murder us so much like your predecessors did last year.

i ought to take up a sport that is a far cry from basket ball and volley ball.. a sport like archery perhaps.. yeah... archery sounds great.

i'll leave you to awe at another unsigned talent:

and to turn into mush at the awesome guitar riffs of this song.. :)

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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

beta beta beta!

check it ooout i'm on blogger beta!

well, you cant really see it but i can. ^^ it looks like the old version, feels like it too, but it has a whole plethora (i love that term) of add-ons and new kick-ass service. i just signed up and i am still too lazy to learn all of them but i will as soon as i'm done with a couple of school work..

^^ can't wait to try video blogging.. lol

on school:

it's the intramurals.

i hate it.

not as much as i did last year but i still dont like it..

my events? XD volleyball (which i suck at terribly), basketball (i can't run to save my life) and scrabble (i'm not sure how to play it)

on family:

i never wanted to drive back to the city after staying with my grandma and nieces and having to work my ass off for four straight days..

it was fuuun! ^^


i want to pull all of my hair out... ~.~