to be continued~ ^^,

Friday, August 24, 2007

thank you

for finding me when i gave up

for wiping the tears that never came

for holding me close when i fell apart

for hearing every silent scream

for the kindness,

for letting me know you're there

for the one thing i never thought i was allowed to have

one last thing...
would you mind telling me who you are?

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Saturday, August 11, 2007

morning... um... what's the color for craziness? :P

date :: august 8, 2007
time :: madaling araw // around 4:30 in the morning

what :: raffy, my úber laptop, was subjected once more to one of my random and insanely weird strokes of "creativity"


i woke up early, i dont know why. it didnt make much sense to me since my class starts at 11am. anyway, i couldnt find sleep again so i powered raffy up and surfed and downloaded some songs for awhile.

all was good until i couldnt decide on which songs to download and blogs to read.


boredom + me + photoshop + a bunch of pictures = a pathetic hodgepodge i would like to call.. ahm... art. [ang kapal ren ng mukha ko kung minsan. XD]

feel free to subject your eyes to the product of my temporary brush with boredom induced insanity :P

*click on the image thingy for a higher resolution copy :P*

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