to be continued~ ^^,

Saturday, February 13, 2010

For the People... By (insert government official's name here)

saw a handful of green banners tied to the foot bridges found along quezon avenue that had me scoffing at the text. the text reads as follows:

"Salamat po! Pangulong Gloria Arroyo sa FootBridge na ito."

personally, all of the foot bridges, waiting sheds and other structures utilized by the public at large are OWED to us. those are, after all, the tax payers' money at work! why should i thank GMA or any other public official for infrastructures that were paid for by the masses? it's not like they had a hand at the construction nor did pay for the build.

it just seems to me that government officials do good things simply for "pogi" points as opposed to working hard out of gratitude and respect for all the people who voted for and believed in them.