to be continued~ ^^,

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

cranial flatulence.

the words that cut through the silence failed to give me comfort. rather, the words that suddenly broke through hurt more than a clenching fist around my heart.

but despite the pain ringing through me, the silence came back like a heavy blanket around a shivering child. it pounds and howls till nothing feels sane anymore.

my heart jumps, stops and palpitates like a cruel joke. just like a nightmare, i can't break its hold.

beyond the corners of my pathetic self, in that realm someone so crudely named reality, the mask is, thankfully, still in place. it doesn't fail and reveals nothing of the turbulent waters that are in between my ears.

ah. a voice. a small shrilling voice comes from a distance. it tries to pierce through with little success. funny how a "friend's" voice fails to deliver its message.

a cold sensation on my arm offers an odd sort of warmth. the false attempt to sympathize was brief and felt more and more like a slap.

i am a clown. a manatee in a school of mermaids.

laugh with the mask and mourn for the soul