to be continued~ ^^,

Sunday, November 23, 2008

friendster nga naman..

although, i think it'll be more politically correct to say, "ang mga taong nagamit ng friendster nga naman."


i received a personal message from some bloke named "wardz". [god forbid i misspell his name and use an S.] i don't know him but apparently, my friendster profile does.

his message is as follows:

Date: 11/21/2008 12:54 pm
Subject: greetings
Message: hi jem how r u? can we be a good friends i like the way you mke your posing can you consider me your friend? please let me have your cp no. pleae

amazing feat of composition! incredible piece of literature! what impeccable spelling!


if you were the recipient of such a message, would you be flattered or upset. me? i'm leaning towards upset and disbelief. i mean, he wants to befriend me because he likes how i pose.

uhm.. i think that's what he said.


allow me to end this shudder-inducing moment with a quote:

"I'd rather be assimilated by the borg. but the borg i like!"
~nance of nance, lexy and argus

Friday, November 21, 2008

screaming underwater

that's what it feels like.

i wonder, when would it be my turn?

nobody has to say anything. you don't have to kill yourself trying to find the "right" things to say.

what i really needed was comfort, or anything that remotely resembled it.

i guess i have something else i'd trade my soul in for.

i'd sell my soul so i won't ever feel that i need to be comforted.

so i won't ever have to bother anyone again. ever.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

i would sell my soul for... version 2.

well, sir hugo said to make a list of 10. i joked i could make one of 20.

i thought long and not so hard about it.

here's the best i can do.

in no particular order of significance.


i would sell my soul for things to change.


that's it for now.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Editorial for the 3rd issue of The Red Lily

=.= wow, that's a freakishly long title. anyway, one of my jobs as the EIC of The Red Lily (TRL) is to write the editorial. i thought i did a pretty decent job for the editorial of the 3rd ish so i figured i could put it up on here.


Editorial: The true spirit of economic recession?

As if dealing with the effects of the sudden spike in oil prices and just about every commodity needed in day to day living wasn’t enough, Juan de la Cruz must now face and win over the latest villain in its latest tragic novella, global recession.

Of course, the administration is quick to say that there will be no economic recession in 2009 just an economic “slowdown”. The administration is confident in this statement made by National Economic Development Authority Director General Ralph Recto who also said that they do not expect a recession to occur next year because, “there are many investments taking place.” Recto also said that recession meant there won’t be jobs available next year but “I don’t see it happening.”

On the other side of the metro, however, the results of a survey conducted by the Makati Business Club (MBC) were very telling of the fears that the local money players have. The majority of the survey’s respondents that comprised of prominent business men and CEOs feel that the whole economic situation will go from “bad” to “really bad” in 2009.

Totally opposite of what the government said, the members of the MBC believe that recession is a definite possibility in next year. MBC’s most pressing concern being the expected increase in layoffs which is expected happen towards the end of the first quarter of 2009, the same time when fresh graduates make the transition to the workforce.

Who’s Juan to believe? The government who’s chuck-full of PR statements that doesn’t really seem to pacify, well, anyone or the clean cut men and women of the local business industry who deal with money and employment on a daily basis?

Does it even matter who the Filipinos ought to believe? Will acknowledging the more accurate party ease the worries of the masses? Will believing make the threat of recession and economic “slowdown” less daunting than they really are?

The government said that the Philippines will have a 4.6% economic growth at the end of this year. They also believe that the country will experience a 3.6% to 4.6% economic growth next year, that’s all well and good but is the government really ready to safeguard the people against recession/economic slowdown?

Will the Christmas season still be fun and colorful? Will Juan, his children and grandchildren be able to feel the spirit of giving in this time of great need and poor economy?

And when the New Year turns, and recession or economic slowdown marches into the homes of every Filipino, will Juan be prepared and steadfast? Or is he only as ready as his government is?


as always, corrections, comments, suggestions and/or violent reactions are welcome!

i would sell my soul for...


what would i sell my soul for?

i must ponder!

whilst i do that, let me just say that i have the IQ of a peanut and the EQ of a starfish.

aren't i great?


randomness aside, i loooove potatoes. they're always spud-tastic!


my digestive track seeks nourishment!

a baby giraffe dies every time you fart.

the world is just AWESOME.

que: boom de ya da
dun know it?
you suck.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

it's a dog-eat-dog world

say otherwise and I'll take you to my shrink and pay for the session as well.

everyone is supposed to suck everything up and just roll with whatever life throws at you. but what if instead of rocks and harsh words, life decides to challenge you with insufferably annoying unprofessional petty people?

would you lie on your back and allow yourself to be washed away by the tide? would you detach yourself and just watch?

if you asked me two years ago, i would've said, cower into a corner, pretend it was all a bad dream. ha ha ha. and the awesome bit is that, back then, i did do just that. but time, people, experiences and words have changed me.

now, the very people that backed me to a corner are driving me to be excellent, to be the better editor-in-chief, council president and mass comm student. i guess I've had enough of hearing them talk smack and gloat, of seeing their smug and conniving faces, of letting them get away with the crap they're so bloody fond of leaving around.

this is it folks, Jemimah Bela Torrefiel is now competitive.

I'm not confident. but i sure as hell will work hard and do everything within the grounds of FAIR PLAY, a concept that is probably not that easy to digest for some people, to deliver the best possible work i will ever do.

so thank you!

and do look forward to the end of the sem.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


the 2nd semester of academic year 2008-2009 has officially begun!

schedule's a total mess. whoever planned it should be shaved, slathered with honey and shoved in a dark box where mutant carnivorous pancakes and waffles thrive!

my brain, it throbs, in pain.

peter pan lies! thinking happy thoughts does not lead to flight!

freakin pansy.

carebears like to freeze smoothies on cake.

you know, i think i may have lost my point.

be back in 10.

Thursday, November 06, 2008



help! i need an editor! I've been getting into writing short stories using talecraft. granted, I've only written two and the later is still incomplete. but i need an editor~

i need someone to relentlessly go over my short stories and help me make it better. someone who can tell me as it is, specially if what i've come up with is sheer bullcrap!

anyone interested?

oh and uh... you'll have my eternal gratitude for your service.. hehe... cut me some slack. :P i don't have the money to give away.

as soon as i think the ones I've written are worthy of being read by the public, I'll put them up on here. when i do, please feel free to criticize and correct me.

:D i actually welcome corrections, criticisms and violent reactions. why? because they're great opportunities to improve!

I'd rather be corrected than be ignorant.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

i think i like november :D

the only problem is figuring out which events to attend and with who.

here's a quick rundown of the anime/game/manga-related events i heard of for this month
  1. AME 8th Avenue (November 8) - an event by the Anime Manga Enthusiasts. they'll be stalls and bands and it wouldn't be a Con without a cosplay competition :P
  2. November Open Gaming Meet (November 8) - board gamers unite! haha. monopoly and scrabble are for the weak of heart. OGM for this month has an awesome lineup and people will be playing games i haven't even heard of! entrance is Php 50!!
  3. KOMIKON 2008 (November 22) - another event i'm looking forward to. it's actually going to be a week-long thing. activities humming from the 17th to the 21st. the con proper will be on the 22nd. i'm not really sure what they have in mind but i think there will be games, anime, manga and cosplayers about!
hmm.. i'm torn about november 8. both the OGM and AME events are something i haven't experienced yet and i really really really, did i say really want to see both.

ah, decisions, decisions.


we'll just see i guess. :P

i hope they'll be more interesting events and i wish i can attend them all. hahaha

dude, i really am a gerd.


Tuesday, November 04, 2008

November Open Gaming Meet

**reposted from the talecraft message board.



The November Open Gaming Meet will be held on the 2nd Saturday of the month, November 8, in the rooftop poolside cabanas of Residencia 8888, Pearl Drive, Ortigas Center, from 3pm til 11:30pm.

The OGM is an informal gathering of tabletop games enthusiasts from various groups (like Tabletop Wars, Philboardgamers, A.E.G.I.S., New Worlds Alliance, Rolling Hills Gaming Club, & UP Hobby Gaming Circle just to name a few) who try out new games and/or play favourites games, be it Boardgames, Miniature War Games, RPGs, Card Games, or Board Wargames, with friends - new and old.

We have the following house rules and expect every participant to adhere to them:

- the open-air cabana (the one to the left when you enter the pool area) is the noise-free area (where smoking is allowed)

- the aircon cabana (the one to the right when you enter the pool area) is the smoke-free area (where being boisterous is allowed).

- avoid putting food or drinks on the same table as the games (a lot of these games are not cheap or out of print, so please be considerate to the owner of the game).

- if you must eat while gaming, use a nearby empty table (if available) to eat your food (if a spare table is unavailable, eat / drink in such a way that crumbs / droplets will not fall on the game pieces).

- practice "clean as you go" - make sure that the tables are devoid of wrappers / empty bottles / etc. when you vacate it (so that the next group of players won't spend time cleaning up your mess).

- there is a 30 minute grace period at the end of the meet so the volunteer crew can pack up without being stressed out (that's why the meet time is only until 11:30pm now, the remaining 30 minutes til midnight is used for packing / clean up).

- open/closed signs on the status of the cantina will be found on both cabanas (so that people don't have to leave their game to inquire on when the cantina has finished setting up).

- there's a "wait to be served" policy at the cantina (this is due to some people just grabbing reserved food / drinks and just leaving the pay on the counter).

Planned Games for the Nov. OGM:

FORMULA V '08 Season Race 13
Using the Formula Dé game, this is an ongoing championship of 14 races with points to determine who will be the Driver's Champion and Team Champion. Due to the length of time it runs when there's a lot of players (maximum of 10 players), the race will start at 9pm. Interested players can just look for Victor when the game is being prepped (you can't miss it, it's a huge box).
Info about Formula Dé can be found here: http://www.rpg. net/reviews/ archive/12/ 12040.phtml

Can you survive the Last Night on Earth?
When Victor was a GM of Game Crab, he ran a Basic Scenario where the players were able to set a win record by completing the scenario by turn 9 (starting from turn 15). Now he wants to see if anyone in the OGM can match or break the record. He will be the ZM for the first game and is open for 4 players. The zombie infestation will start at 6pm. Interested players can look for Victor when the game is bing prepped. Info about LNoE can be found here: http://www.gameshar k.com/features/ 384/Cracked- LCD-24-Last- Night-on- Earth-Review. htm

Aside from the above mentioned games, games confirmed to be brought on that day are:

Arkham Horror, (boardgame for 1-8 players), http://www.rpg. net/reviews/ archive/11/ 11462.phtml
Bang!, (party card game for 4-7 players), http://www.rpg. net/reviews/ archive/9/ 9754.phtml
Betrayal at House on the Hill, (boardgame for 3-6 players), http://www.rpg. net/reviews/ archive/10/ 10766.phtml

Carcassone, (tile laying game for 2-5 players), http://www.rpg. net/reviews/ archive/9/ 9737.phtml
Citadels, (party card game for 2-7 players), http://www.rpg. net/reviews/ archive/10/ 10836.phtml

Descent: Jouneys in the Dark, (boardgame for 2-5 players), http://www.rpg. net/reviews/ archive/12/ 12846.phtml
Doom: The Boardgame, (boardgame for 2-4 players), http://www.thedicet ower.com/ reviews/doom. htm
Draco & Co., (party card game for 3-6 players), http://www.boardgam egeek.com/ thread/6231

Family Business, (party card game for 2-6 players), http://www.io. com/~beckerdo/ games/reviews/ FamilyBusinessRe view.html
Fury of Dracula, (boardgame for 2-5 players), http://www.funagain .com/control/ product/~ product_id= 015522
Give me THE Brain!, (party card game for 3-8 players), http://www.boardgam egeek.com/ thread/30799
Guillotine, (party card game for 3-5 player), http://www.thedicet ower.com/ reviews/guilloti ne.htm

Illuminati, (party cardgame for 2-6 players), http://www.angelfir e.com/games/ zombiereviews/ reviews/illumina tideluxrvw. html
Kill Dr. Lucky, (boardgame for 3-7 players), http://www0. epinions. com/review/ Kill_Doctor_ Lucky_32725604/ kifm-review- 3726-1FE2BB34- 39EBAE8B- prod3
Kragmortha, (boardgame for 2-8 players), http://www.rpg. net/reviews/ archive/13/ 13052.phtml
Mystery of the Abbey, (boardgame for players), http://www.rpg. net/reviews/ archive/9/ 9375.phtml

Navia Dratp, (chess-like game for 2 players), http://www.boardgam egeek.com/ thread/78984
Once Upon a Time, (party card game for 2-6 players), http://www.rpg. net/news+ reviews/reviews/ rev_1613. html
The Great Brain Robbery, (boardgame for 3-7 players), http://www.boardgam egeek.com/ thread/167062

Once you're at Residencia 8888, please inform the Front Desk that you're there for the "tournament" at the rooftop cabana.

There is the usual entrance fee of 50 pesos to help defray the cost of renting the cabanas.

Your current OGM Host/Coordinator,
"I game, therefore I am..."

[Non-text portions of this message have been removed]


soooo, anyone want to go?